Tax Reform

I believe it is time for our country to truly rein in the increasing tax burden that is placed upon citizens as well as corporations. The current tax code allows for the double taxation (estate taxes) of some while others are able to completely avoid any tax obligation. The recent findings that the IRS has targeted specific individuals and corporations feels a lot like a form of extortion, either align with a specific agenda or face the tactics that could ultimately ruin you. I believe it is time to consider a flat tax or usage tax whereas the burden is equally spread and the incentive to work hard and increase your wealth is no longer under attack.


Transportation is an important issue in the life of North Georgia as well as the entire State. It is an issue that requires prudence, planning and progressiveness. I believe that the transportation challenges facing our community are urgent, and could stymy the economic growth opportunities that we desperately seek. I am in favor of a comprehensive plan that considers rail, roads, and other means to allow growth and yet improves the quality of life in North Georgia.


As the father of two children that my wife and I adopted as newborns, my view on the right to life is very personal. My beliefs have always been that life begins at conception, but once I had the privilege of holding my new baby girl in my arms, my beliefs turned to compassionate convictions. You see, a young scared girl nearly 5 months pregnant sat in a crisis pregnancy office in Tennessee with termination papers in her grasp. She did not know what to do or where to turn with this challenge she was facing. Abortion seemed the only option for her since she knew she could hardly take care of herself let alone a new baby. Within minutes, the fate of my little girl could have been very different. Fortunately, fate took a different route, and allowed a baby girl to be born and begin playing piano by ear at the early age of 5. Fate allowed a baby girl to become a competitive tennis player on the court and a leader in the classroom of her school. Fate allowed a baby girl to give her life to Christ at the age of 8, and begin sharing her love of Jesus and the hope of eternity to others that desire to hear.

Second Amendment (Right To Bear Arms)

As a strong proponent of the United States Constitution and the United States Bill of Rights, I strongly support the Right to Bear Arms. Growing up in a rural town allowed me to enjoy the privilege and opportunity to properly learn and respect the handling of guns at a young age. I believe guns are much like cars. They are very beneficial to society, and serve a purpose that ranges from necessity to pleasure. Both can be dangerous if not respected and handled as they are intended, and opportunity to operate either should be limited to law abiding citizens.

Term limits

I am a firm believer in the creation of term limits for elected officials. George Washington turned down the opportunity in 1797 to serve a third term as President because he did not want to set precedence for elected office. I believe he got it right with limiting the time one can serve in an elected role. I don’t believe the term should be limited to one term or even two, but when an individual turns the opportunity to serve the people into a career of serving their own ambitions and desires, it is time to step down. It appears that many well-intended political figures become career politicians, and lose touch with the reality and lives of those they were elected to serve.

Immigration Reform

I am in favor of immigration reform if the reform is comprehensive and inclusive of the realities necessary for today’s economy. In other words, our country is the great country it is today because of the settling of immigrants from other parts of the world. Many very bright and honor students graduate from our universities with technical degrees yet cannot remain in this country because of the immigration laws. I believe we must curb the abuse of people flocking to the United States to have children just to take advantage of our systems; however, we must also allow migrant workers that either currently pay or are willing to pay taxes to obtain a path to citizenship. Many of our industries rely on these workers to accomplish responsibilities that frankly many Americans refuse to do.


I believe it is truly a travesty that our State continues to struggle with high school graduation far below many other states. With the greatest recession in modern history coming to an end, hopefully tax revenues will begin to allow educational systems to return to student teacher ratios necessary to adequately serve the students. That being said, I believe one size does not fit all when it comes to education; public education, as well as private education, must remain viable options. I would favor a stronger emphasis on allowing junior and senior students the ability to participate in dual enrollment programs and paid internships at local companies. This is a model that is very successful in Austria and other areas of the globe.

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